Reina Scrubs

Reina Scrubs

Magento IT Solution Reina Scrubs

Common Issues faced by client for their online store

    • The previous website had a number of UI/UX and usability problems, which may have contributed to the skewed user experience.
    • The customer was having problems with the payment process, and despite effective payment confirmation on third-party gateways, the customer was receiving an error message and being redirected to the homepage.
    • The client’s key concern was retaining old customers in context to shopping cart abandonment scenarios.
    • There were a lot of bugs & errors found in the previous design of the client’s website, due to which their customers had to face a lot of inconveniences.
    • There was no customization feature and it could not be added in their Magento 1.9 version.
    • The client needed an easy, user-friendly, and visually appealing store that displayed multiple product categories
    • To provide an excellent user experience, the client required a clear and safe checkout process.
Magento IT Solution Reina Scrubs


Iqecommerce created a niche solution for Reina Scrubs using unique features and functionalities for the new edition of a Magento eCommerce shop. Understanding the customer experience, desires, and broader brand growth goals necessitated extensive analysis. Every obstacle was solved on a priority basis in order to keep the users engaged.

    • Iqecommerce represented the client’s company in a professional manner by making the right decisions about their new online store.
    • Iqecommerce has conducted a thorough review of the client’s needs and business scenarios in order to provide the best service possible.
    • Iqecommerce was able to overcome all technical problems and assisted the client in increasing conversion rates while keeping in mind the scope and expectations of the client’s requirements.
    • For the customer, Iqecommerce developed a clean and quick customization process that demonstrates the exact concept that they had requested for their eCommerce solution.
    • Iqecommerce provided its customers with simplified payment choices as well as outstanding shopping experiences, regardless of the platform they were using.
Magento IT Solution Reina Scrubs

Facts and Figures

    ReinaScrubs have prospered as a result of their market agility and their ability to keep abreast of advanced technologies and trends. Due to an increase in the number of requests for medical uniforms, the client wanted to create a robust online company that met the needs of any modern web application. Many consumers have benefited from their concept, which has helped them overcome challenges and expand their business potential. They’ve built a smart ecosystem that helps build a great customer image.
Magento IT Solution Reina Scrubs

Take Away

This case study illustrates Iqecommerce’s colossal efforts in helping the client in transforming and improving their ecommerce online business by facilitating high-performance solutions using validated and organized strategies.