Shira Esthetics

Shira Esthetics

Magento IT Solution Shira Esthetics

Common Issues faced by client for their online store

    • Companies that sell skincare products would spend a lot of time prospecting and then pitching their products to potential buyers.
    • The client’s previous website was not smartphone-friendly, and as a result, they were losing out on potential clients.
    • There were a lot of bugs & errors found in the previous design of the client’s website, due to which their customers had to face a lot of inconveniences. 
    • The client found it extremely difficult to showcase their entire product range.
    • Inventory management was becoming a hassle for the client, they were not able to keep a real-time track of the stock. 
    • Another problem that hampered the client’s business was showcasing recommendations and enhancing their reach to a wider audience.
    • The Client was facing a lot of issues in manually monitoring the order status, due to which they were unable to address customer’s order queries.
Magento IT Solution Shira Esthetics


To address the obstacles, intensive testing was done, and all of the bugs in the website’s design were fixed. A new user interface was developed for their Skincare and cosmetic web store, and the website was made smartphone-friendly. It was apparent that the company’s existing website needed to be updated, and their online presence needed to be enhanced. For the client, a new online skincare shop was developed to help them solve the issues of dissatisfied consumers and mobile responsiveness.


    • Shira’s customers could now browse through their entire product range, which was neatly organised.
    • Visitors to the website were able to see a comprehensive overview of the product as well as its other unique features.
    • Automated Systems integrated with the online store helped in real-time order tracking and Inventory management, without any hassle. 
    • With the Spa Locator functionality in the website interface, finding a nearby spa was quite easy. 
    • Optimized extensive search filter which narrowed the search results with a particular keyword to assist users in finding the correct and relevant products.
    • The checkout process was smooth and efficient, Customers or new visitors could place their orders in the shopping cart and make final purchases according to their convenience. 
    • Customers were able to check reviews from other customers, which facilitated a trust building factor in the ecommerce store.
Magento IT Solution Shira Esthetics

Facts and Figures

    Shira Esthetics have prospered as a result of their market agility and their ability to keep abreast of advanced technologies and trends. Their popularity and success can be seen in the fact that Shira Products are now used in thousands of luxury spas all over the world. Shira products are increasingly being recommended to patients by dermatologists and skin care practitioners due to their advanced and superior quality.
Magento IT Solution Shira Esthetics


This case study illustrates Iqecommerce’s colossal efforts in building the skin care company eCommerce website and also helping Shira in generating more revenue and conversion rates by facilitating high-performance solutions using organized strategies and at the same time improving the efficiency of their operations.