Running a successful B2B eCommerce store doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems. With the right tools and integrations, you can sell more in less and manage your business better.

Having worked with startups and companies to design over fifty B2B eCommerce websites, our developers understand all the components needed to ensure a hassle-free experience for both you (the manufacturer or wholesaler) and your customers (wholesalers or retailers).

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Define a Price Base for Select Customers

Our B2B solution lets you serve a more personalized shopping experience by setting a base price for each customer group.

You can then market your “special” offers to high-profile customers who are more likely to buy and other product categories to a broader audience.

Bulk Discounts and Recurring Orders

Close more deals by providing an option for genuine customers to request bulk discounts on select deals or even set up a standing recurring order for certain products and services you offer.

You can review these requests and determine which one to fulfill or a customized offer that suits the client’s needs.

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Define Minimum Order Parameters

Filter irrelevant orders by setting up a minimum order quantity (MOQ), telling customers the least quantity of a product that your store is willing to sell. Other possible parameters include:

  • Minimum Order Quantity to complete an order
  • Maximum Order Quantity for each product
  • Order Limit for products sold in bulk, such as packs and cases

Admin and User Roles

Managing a B2B eCommerce website requires complex user roles that must be assigned by an admin, and given access to manage specific tasks on the site’s backend.

We provide a feature that allows you to manage and assign roles, while remaining in full control of your business.

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Customer Support

Manage customer enquiries through a streamlined ticketing system or LiveChat integration.

Tick off solved inquiries and assign multiple roles to your customer service team.

Payment and Shipping Integration

Receive payments from customers using debit and credit cards, bank transfers, PayPal, or other gateways available in your locality.

Install add-ons for shipping partners to deliver client orders in real-time.

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Pipeline Management

An automated feature that can refer retail buyers to authorized dealers where they can buy the product they want can prove helpful for collecting new retail leaders and tracking market opportunities.

Marketing Catalogs

Let your customers know about your inventory and hot new products using a full range of digital marketing materials, including promotional flyers, full and range catalogs, etc.

Wholesalers and other affiliates can further download and customize these materials to increase their sales numbers.

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Issue Direct and Automated Invoices to Customers

Unlike traditional B2B business solutions where you must send separate quotations and then invoices, you can choose to fill in the customer’s details via a panel in the quotation.

This way, you can automatically generate invoices and even save some for repeat buyers.

Simplify Bulk Ordering

Allow wholesalers to easily add products to their cart using a CSV file, instead of browsing through entire product pages and categories.

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Credit Limit (Pay-on-Account)

Set up a “Pay-on-Account” payment method for accepting credit orders. Define a limit for each B2B buyer.

Upon reaching their credit limit, buyers will receive a ‘credit limit reached’ message while trying to checkout.

Multi-Language and Currency Display

Personalize the shopping experience by pricing and displaying products in the local currency of your visitor. Users can also select their preferred language while browsing any page of the website.

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Our B2B Ecommerce Design Services

My Projects

While managing large scale B2B businesses can present a challenge, we offer a solution that simplifies the process. You can manage all purchases and quotations from a single admin interface.

Advanced Search

A simple yet powerful search bar that customers can use to find whatever product or category they want to browse. Admin and assigned users can also find specific functionalities on the backend using integrated search tools.

Special Product Requests

Sometimes B2B buyers want to order customized items or products within your niche that you currently do not have in stock. A feature on your website will let them send such special product requests while you can then choose whether or not to fulfill the product request or pass it on to a partner.

Pre-Ordering Feature

Got new products ready to hit the market? Allow customers to pre-order new products with an advance payment. Simultaneously, send email notifications as soon as the product is available.

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)

Allow customers to easily return damaged products and request for an exchange or a separate order. They can also view their RMA history to confirm the replacement of returned items.


Customers do not need to browse through the entire site to find and place an order that is similar to a recent purchase. Instead, they can go to their ‘Recent Orders’ page from their account and start a new order that includes the same products ordered previously.

Seamless Integration With

Your Business Software

For existing businesses, our B2B solutions do not mean a complete overhaul of the existing systems. Far from that, our solutions can easily integrate with your existing systems without compromising speed and efficiency.

Connect your ERP, supply chain inventory, site features and discount models to a market-ready product.


Your B2B eCommerce website represents your business to the world and must be of top-quality to compete in your niche. We offer excellent consultation services that will help you get off to the best possible start and build a solution that your customers will appreciate. All our solutions fully consider and address the needs of your business and potential end-users.


With an eye on delivering market-ready solutions within a reasonable time frame, our developers will design a cutting-edge product that your customers will love and appreciate.

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