Selling goods and services online and directly to customers involves a lot more than setting up an eCommerce website. Without incorporating the right system and solutions, businesses end up spending more money than they should.

Our team has worked closely with 50+ startups and enterprises to set up thriving B2C eCommerce ventures, improving and setting up automated processes adapted to their respective customer base.

B2C ECOMMERCE SOLUTIONS - User-Friendly Design

User-Friendly Design

Give users a glitch-free shopping experience with a clean layout and easy-to-navigate interface.

No need to compromise any of the functionalities you need for your eCommerce website design. We’ll bring it all under a minimalistic and user-friendly interface.

Customer Group Segmentation

Our custom B2C eCommerce development makes selling a hassle-free experience.

You can easily target and group customers based on pertinent data such as location, order volume, product quantity, browsed catalogs, and other preferences.

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Define Price Base for Customer Groups

To further optimize revenue and offer users a personalized experience, we set up and match prices to different customer groups.

This way, you can offer “special” products and offerings to users that are more likely to buy them.

Bulk Discount Structure and Product Pricing for Wholesalers

If your business offers specific items at wholesale prices, segregating these in a manner that doesn’t affect day-to-day retail buyers will be crucial to your success.

Our B2C solution helps you define a clear pricing structure for either set of customers.

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B2C ECOMMERCE SOLUTIONS - Admin and Management Tools

Admin and Management Tools

B2C eCommerce websites often feature diverse user roles that must be assigned to specific sections of the backend.

We define these roles in a clear-cut manner, allowing the admin access to advanced management tools, and each user the chance to play their part in the smooth running of the website.

Inventory Management

Stay in full control of inventory with a powerful IM integration.

Manage an unlimited number of products in your warehouse or drop-shipping partners, and fulfill customer orders as they come.

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Tax Rule Engine

Solve your tax headaches once and for all with our tax engine.

You’ll get a powerful integration that provides detailed tax information based on the location of the wholesaler or retailer.

Full Branding Solutions

Both new and existing brands launching B2C eCommerce websites need fully customized branding materials to build a close relationship with the online audience.

We ensure that this result is achieved by integrating your brand colors and information across the web interface and all materials that clients come across.

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B2C ECOMMERCE SOLUTIONS - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a lifetime practice for website owners, and hence our developers integrate basic SEO setup and tools to your sites backend.

These tools include metadata, sitemaps, analytics, as well as SEO plugins that can help your eCommerce website dominate search engine results.

One-Click Checkout

Reduce the number of abandoned carts by offering a simple, yet intuitive checkout process. Up-sell and cross-sell products and services without creating a poor user experience.

B2C ECOMMERCE SOLUTIONS - LiveChat and Customer Support (1)

LiveChat and Customer Support

Handle customer enquiries and complaints via LiveChat or an organized ticketing system.

Our solutions will ease the workload for your CS team and collect valuable feedback from customers to improve site operations.


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Advanced Search

Since most shoppers already know what they’re looking for, a prominently placed search bar can easily filter your B2C website, and show them what they want to buy. This simple, yet powerful integration can save time and boost sales.

Pre-Ordering Feature

Got an exciting new product or service? Send notifications to targeted customers and receive pre-orders with advance payment at discounted prices. Also, seamlessly manage pre-ordered deliveries before a full rollout to other customers.

Feedback and Reviews

Collect feedback and reviews from customers and other site visitors. Display the ones you want and keep the rest to help you realise what you can do to improve your business operations.


A function on the customer’s account page will let them view a list of recent orders and choose to reorder them via a one-click function. The previously ordered items are automatically loaded into a cart and ready for checkout.

Return Merchandize Authorization

Handling damaged and returned others can be an excellent way to grow your brand’s impression. With an integrated authorization to return merchandise, you can automate the timely release of products to affected customers. They can also request for an exchange of the product.

Promotion and Discount Code Tools

Spice up your marketing tactics by creating and managing discount codes. Set codes as active or inactive across categories and products, define percentages and “Auto-Apply” discount codes for customers.

Seamless Integration with

Existing Systems

Our B2C eCommerce solutions can easily be integrated with your existing systems including supply inventory, affiliated partners, and other business tools. Retain full control of the customer experience without compromising website performance and efficiency.

Beyond revenue, a complete B2C eCommerce website represents your brand and business to the world. At Iqecommerce we provide top-notch eCommerce development in Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia, and to clients around the world. We build eCommerce solutions that bridge the gap between your business needs and your targeted audience behavior. The final solution is a platform that is easy to use and optimized for revenue.


Designing an eCommerce store is the most critical as it represents your brand and business to the world. For effective sales, it is important that the store is designed according to the targeted audience behaviour and their specific needs. Owing to the consultation provided to our clients in the USA, UK, Australia by our highly experienced team, their cart abandonment rates have reduced significantly in around 2 months.


With an eye on delivering market-ready solutions within a reasonable time frame, our developers will design a cutting-edge product that your customers will love and appreciate.

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Frequently asked questions

To get a better idea of your store’s requirements and an estimated budget, you can reach out to us using any of the options available on this page. Once you do so, a member of our team will get in touch to discuss your objectives and devise a budget-friendly executive plan.

We used the industry-approved lean UX method. Hence, you can rest assured that our developers pay close attention to detail and customer behavior. We also treat each project that arrives at our desk as unique, adopting only the best approach to deliver value to our clients.

Following the launch of your website, we’ll offer a limited post-development support. However, you can always subscribe to our affordable support and maintenance packages so that we can watch your site’s technical aspects while you focus on what you know how to do best.

While we primarily target Canadian audiences, our services are globally available. We have served clients in the USA, UK, Australia, and many other countries, and delivered excellent results for them. Your brand can be the next to work with!


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