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“Content marketing is all the marketing that is left.” Our team is here to help you create top-notch content that resonates with your audience.

In this era, content marketing is crucial to the success of any online brand. We believe that with the right team, tools and strategies, you can create and execute powerful content marketing plans that drive revenue for your business.

Our in-house team of experienced creators have worked with many Canadian and foreign brands to define and refine their content marketing game. We carefully study your audience and their behaviour, focusing on creating content that they can relate to and love to share with others.

Product Pages

Alongside our development services, we create eCommerce content marketing pages that convey the value of the featured product to prospective customers. Blended with the right images, it becomes clear to customers why they must own the listed item.

SEO-Optimized Blog Content

Write blog content that appeals to readers, while at the same time fulfilling SEO requirements such as keywords, meta-data etc. At IQ eCommerce our skilled SEO writers will produce well-researched blog content for your niche audience.

Social Media Marketing

Boost social media engagement for your brand with a well-crafted content plan. We handle content creation for your social media profiles, boosting virality, likes, shares, clicks and followership.

Branded Graphics and Media Content

Branded graphics, ebook, marketing and educational videos, as well as other media content, are crucial to promoting your business in the online world. Our simple, yet powerful approach to media content creation will help you reach your revenue goals.

Helpful FAQ Pages

Write pages that address pain points and frequently asked questions by customers. A customer-centric FAQ page can greatly improve conversion rates and reduce the load on your customer service desk.

Content Performance Analytics

Get actionable periodic reports regarding the performance of content published across your social media channels and blog. Learning how users are consuming and engaging with your content can have a powerful effect on your online business.

Guest Blogging and PR Strategies

Get published on top websites within and outside your niche, and grow backlinks to your homepage and existing content. Promote new product releases to relevant audiences.

Lead Conversion and Nurturing

Well-crafted content makes it relatively easier to move prospects through the buying cycle. Whether it’s social media posts, email copies, resource content, or newsletters, your audience deserves the best.

Case Studies and Testimonials

Appealing case studies and testimonials from clients is a powerful way to convert prospects to repeat buyers in your online store. We write them with a touch of a human feeling, making it unavoidable for prospects to relate to it and want a taste of your product or service.

Event-based Content Marketing

Organizing online and offline events requires the creation of targeted written and visual content highlighting the purpose of the event and what guests can expect. By crafting and spreading the right message, we help you pull in a large audience for your events.

Custom Content Creation

Aside from creating content that speaks the language of your brand, our team can produce customized content for whatever purpose your business needs it. This content reinforces your brand presence in the minds of customers and creates new opportunities.

Our Content Marketing Services

Blog Content Creation

Regularly brainstorming blog topic ideas for your niche and writing SEO-optimized content can be time consuming. We handle it so you can focus on other tasks that directly impact revenue.

Social Media Content

Tap into trends and user behavior to boost user engagement on social media channels with Content that is designed exclusively for your audience can provide useful metrics regarding new opportunities in your niche.

Email Marketing

Outsource your email copywriting and newsletter tasks. Advertise new products, target repeat buyers, and get email templates you can easily swipe to respond to frequent user requests.

Content Marketing Automation

Save time without compromising on engagements across your channels by integrating auto-scheduled posting, proof-reading, and automated email and LiveChat replies.

eBooks and WhitePapers

eBooks and whitepapers are excellent tools for providing information value to your customers. With the right piece of information and guidance, our team can produce well-researched and insightful materials for your niche.

Content Strategy

We help you define and execute content marketing strategies. Every piece of content is fine-tuned to meet the needs of your online audience in line with the latest trends within your business niche.

Seamlessly Integrate With Existing Content Strategies or Define a New Approach

Our content marketing services in Canada are highly flexible, allowing for it to become a part of your existing content strategy. If you’re just getting started, on the other hand, we can help you define a workable content marketing plan to get off to a flying start.


Whether you’re a startup or enterprise, there is no denying how crucial content creation is to meeting your online ambitions. Getting it right can put you well ahead of your competitors and put you on the path to continued dominance.

Our Approach to Content Marketing

With a focus on providing valuable content, we help you build strong relationships with customers and keep them engaged regularly. The result is a stronger brand presence and increased business revenue.



















Frequently asked questions

As a fully experienced content marketing agency, our team will undertake the research and creation of content ideas for your website. However, you retain the right to approve, modify, or even suggest specific topics that you want covered.

We offer monthly, quarterly, biannual and long-term content marketing plans. We will provide you with the estimated cost after discussing factors such as your content needs and frequency. Rest assured, we offer highly online content marketing services.

Although IQ eCommerce mainly provides content marketing services in Canada, we also serve a global audience and have already worked with many reputable brands in the US, UK, India, etc.

Great! Reach out to us using the Contact Us button available on this page. We’ll discuss your content requirements and assign a content marketing manager to draft a plan for your business.

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