As a leading Magento maintenance and support team for top eCommerce websites, you can be rest assured that we understand all the components required to keep your online store fully operational. Here are some insights regarding Magento eCommerce support services:


of Magento Stores Have At Least One Security Issue

A study revealed that most Magento stores have at least one security issue, including but not limited to outdated versions, no patches installed, and information disclosure. Our support services can help you have a clean slate and rid your site of all kinds of security concerns.


of Sites With Magento Maintenance and Support Suffer Less Downtime

Most issues that eventually result in short or extended downtimes can often be detected and fixed before they escalate. A support team would usually upgrade plugins, detect traffic overloads, and carry out regular checks to keep the system online 24/7.


of Users Won’t Recommend a Poorly Designed Mobile Website

Sometimes, even the most beautiful desktop websites render very poorly on mobile devices. Hiring a Magento support service to upgrade your website’s design or make it run a little faster on mobile might be all you need to attract more users and boost business revenue. .


of eCommerce Websites Have Never Performed a Site Audit

A periodic (monthly, bi-annual or annual) site audit is essential to discovering which components of your Magento store could be used for improvement and what new features could be introduced. Our service includes a thorough site audit with actionable insights.


Reduction in Major Maintenance Costs

Contrary to what many eCommerce merchants think, hiring the right Magento maintenance and support team is a cost-effective move. It allows store owners to save money that would usually go into executive major site upgrades or emergency fixes.


of Magento Websites Are Yet to Migrate to Magento 2

The fear of losing vital site information or suffering extended downtime prevents Magento store owners from migrating to Magento 2. Our Magento migration services address those concerns, making the switch to the latest Magento version as smooth as possible.

Still Wondering Whether You Need Magento Development and Support?

Operating a Magento store without a backup technical team is the same as driving a far distance without a spare tire. Sometimes, your website can crash due to unexpected traffic or a plugin upgrade. You may also need to fix security vulnerabilities, migrate to a recent version, or simply improve your site’s speed and performance.

Our support team can easily detect situations like these even before they arise. We monitor everything else so that you can focus on running other business operations that directly affect revenue.

Say Goodbye to Downtimes and Hello to Happy Customers

Site glitches and unexpected downtimes are some of the easiest ways to lose customers. On the other hand, being online 24/7 and offering a great all-round user experience is the best way to retain shoppers.

Hiring our team means reducing downtimes to the barest minimum, and always keeping your visitors happy.






Security Patches

Every month, Magento releases one or more security patches that sites must install. We’ll help you track new releases and install them promptly.

Version Upgrades

Nearly every quarter, Magento releases minor versions that must be installed for smooth system functioning. Additionally, we can smoothly migrate your site to Magento 2 or newer versions, so you can enjoy the amazing features it brings to the table for eCommerce websites.

Downtime Monitor

Our team will add your website to the alert system which sends out notifications anytime your store suffers an outage. This way, our team can get on with it and resolve downtimes as soon as possible.

Hosting Migration

Migrate your Magento store to a new hosting service for improved site performance and advanced access to resources. We’ll do this within a reasonable time frame, without losing any site data in the process.

ERP Integration

Enjoy streamlined data management by integrating your Magento store with Quickbooks, Amazon, eBay, Netsuite, Sage, etc. These solutions are accessible from your site’s backend and synchronized in real-time with data from your eCommerce store.

Page Speed Improvements

With 47% of users expecting sites to load in less than two seconds, getting your site to load faster across multiple devices can be an excellent way to retain and convert first-time visitors.

















Frequently asked questions

Yes. Our Magento maintenance and support team provides near-the-clock monitoring for all sites on our list. Aside from periodic checks, we’ll add your site to an alert system that notifies us of any potential issues or outages.

The pricing would normally depend on the size of your eCommerce website, the duration, and the number of personnel needed. We will provide you with an estimated cost after you get in touch with us using any of the options available on this page.

Yes. Whether you want to overhaul your site’s design or migrate to the new Magento version, our team has got you covered. We only need to understand the scope of the upgrade, and then determine the best way to execute it.

Yes. We offer full-grade Magento eCommerce store development services for new and existing customers. Once again, you only need to get in touch with us using the “Contact Us” button on this page. A member of our team will reach out to discuss your project requirements.

Yes. While we mainly serve the Canadian market, IQ Ecommerce is a global brand and has worked with companies around the world to launch and bootstrap existing eCommerce businesses. We’re delighted to work with you next, and can’t wait to get started.

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